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What does "Kairo" mean?

-Kairo is short for the term "Kairosclerosis" which simply defined means "the moment you realize you are truly happy". 


What is the difference in "weights?"

-Lightweight: The materials for lightweight include cotton, and a french terry fabric which makes them perfect for any season.

-Midweight: These sweatshirts are best for nights by a fire, chillier days, and lounging around in! These sweatshirts are primarily cotton and of course, are super fuzzy on the inside.

-Heavyweight: These sweatshirts are cross-grain and great for cold weather and super chilly days! All of these sweatshirts are very soft on the inside, and the cross-grain material doesn't let any cold air or wind get through!


Where do you ship to?

 - We currently only ship to the US & Canada. We hope to ship internationally soon, as we are waiting until shipping costs go down due to COVID and want to make sure the shipping is not crazy expensive!


How does your sizing work?

 - We also include size charts on our product pages. If you have any additional questions about sizing, email us or DM us on Instagram @shop.kairo.


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